The Road Runner

The 1969 Road Runner. This unique and rare Plymouth model was only in production between 1968 and 1970 is a pleasure to see driving down the road.  It’s valued between $45,000 and $175,000, depending on the mileage, condition and features. This particular car had all the bells and whistles and was in absolute mint condition.  As mint as it’s green, shiny exterior.  When I was asked to photograph this car for a client, I was quick to move my schedule around so I could grab the opportunity.

Lucky for me, the car was already somewhere beautiful and scenic as it’s owner resides in Conway, New Hampshire.  The White Mountains provide a perfect backdrop as the winding roads lead up through high mountain passes and low valleys.

We spent the first part of the day photographing all the details of the car.  Yes, the Road Runner was based on the cartoon, and came complete with a horn that went “beep beep!” and an ad campaign featuring Wiley Coyote. On this model and year, the steering wheel had a little Road Runner, and the air cleaner had a cartoon with the logo “Coyote Duster.”  All around the car is fun Road Runner detailing.  Also, this car has the Air Grabber option, a fiberglass air duct assembly bolted to the underside of the hood that brings air directly into the engine.

We spent the day driving it to different locations, including a covered bridge and up the scenic 40 mile Kancamagus Highway.  I took some motion shots, some from car-to-car as we drove along the roads.  I had a lot of fun on this shoot. Thanks to Darlene and her family for letting me capture images of their treasured family vehicle.  I enjoyed hearing the stories about the car over the years.  It is something special!

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