I strive to create unique portraits that capture the essence and spirit of each individual, couple, friendship and family. 

My hourly rate for a portrait session starts at $95.

A session includes:

About a week after the session, an online, digital gallery of images, which is password protected, will be available to you.  You will be able to view and download your images right from the gallery.  

Prints can be purchased separately from a professional lab service through Courtney Ley Photography.  The minimum order for prints is $15.  Many print sizes are available.

Books, cards, calendars and other products are also available.  A designing time fee will be added to the order.  Contact me for details.


 I am passionate about the adventure that the mountains and outdoors provide. I have climbing and mountaineering experience and have travelled to the major mountain ranges in the United States including the Sierra, Cascades, Rockies, Appalachian Mountains and the Alaska range. I also enjoy skiing, mountain biking and road bike touring. Having these skills and ability allows me to access the outdoors in a way that some photographers can not. If you have an adventure and would like to document it in striking, story-telling images, I have the ability to accompany you and provide that service.  Investment starts at $350.


During any wedding or occasion, my goal is to capture the special moments but do so discretely, as to not disrupt your experience. It is your day and should be kept as that beautiful time that you share with your friends and family. That said, I also enjoy getting those staged and choreographed shots that produce images you couldn't get just through candid shots! Those can be fun and exciting to design and plan.  I offer affordable pricing for couples that starts at $500.  Please feel free to contact me to talk about your wedding day and we can work out an investment you will be happy with!

I would also love to be your photographer at any other event, whether it's your children's sports game, a birthday party, corporate event or a family reunion. Investment starts at $250 for these type of events.


Fill out the below contact form to book your photography session. 

I look forward to hearing from you!  Thank you.