Artist Profile: Nicholas K. Paradis

He has a quiet intensity about him as he walks around his small studio.  The music is loud and felt as it pulses through the room. I’m fiddling with my gear and taking test shots, trying not to get the paint that covers the desk, canvases, small table and floor on my camera or my clothes.

Nick and I met a short time ago at a bar not too far from his apartment and painting studio.  The bar, Area 23, is home to one of his many commissioned murals. This one covers a large portion of one of the interior walls.  It’s a mix of hard lines and vibrant colors with softer, almost watercolored scenes.  There’s a giant UFO, a city, a desert, a pint of beer and bats flying out of a head.  But that’s not his style, nor is any of his other works.

His latest project involves doors and the human body.  I’m surrounded by 7 wooden doors, each painted with a unique half finished work of art.  Each door representing a system of the body, and not just the traditional systems such as the digestive, muscular and skeletal.  Nick looks past the large anatomy textbook on his bookshelf and reaches for something more metaphysical.  His thesis behind this project lies scribbled in notebooks and a pile of small pieces of wrinkled paper that rest on top of the book.

The skeletal system door rests near his paint.

Working in his studio.

A part of the ingestion and digestion door.

Works in progress.

His ideas, theory and inspirations behind the door project is like his style, ever evolving.  He began the project after coming out of a painful time in his life.   Painting his view on the human anatomy systems was an expression of his emotions and inner thoughts about why and how we feel as we do.  I get a sense of dread looking the nervous system door and find the muscular system door to be almost atrophied.  

Nick grew up in Rhode Island, spending his childhood near the ocean as he grew fascinated with the nature and power of the waves.  He now resides in Concord, New Hampshire after an accomplished college career studying all forms of art and writing.  I snap photographs as we talk, drink beer and look at his work.  I enjoyed the three dimensional aspect of the skeletal system and he explains how he feels everything can be a medium for art, not just his oil paints and canvases.  

The door project is about halfway done, and I’m looking forward to returning to see, and feel, the final pieces.. even if I did get paint on my new clothes.  

The artist surrounded by his latest project.

Nick can be reached by email at and at 603-340-4630.

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