Artist Profile: Cindy Heath

I use a holistic approach to creating multi-layered expressions of geometric patterns, landscapes, and abstractions symbolizing the challenges and joys of life – chaos, resilience, reflection, persistence, beauty. Through the process of applying varying levels of fabric layering, abstraction techniques, and creative threadwork, movement becomes an important element in my art work. I practice fusing, painting, monochromatic, and full color spectrum approaches.“  -Cindy Heath

I met Cindy about 10 years ago through the hiking community in New Hampshire.  We quickly found out that we were good companions, sharing the same optimistic outlook and sense of adventure.  We hiked a lot together through the four seasons, always in varying trail and weather conditions.  When things were tough, we’d always rely on our sense of humor to get us through.  Back in 2008, I embarked on my longest day hike at the time with Cindy as we ascended and descended many rugged White Mountain peaks, being on the go for a total of 20 hours.  It was a significant day for me, and we came out of that experience with a stronger bond between us.  Although we lost touch for a period of time, I like that our creative sides brought us back together.  About a year ago, Cindy sent me an email with an idea for a short film highlighting her work as a fiber artist.  I was quick to accept the proposal and over the past year, we collaborated on this project.

Cindy’s home is warm, inviting and colorful, a direct reflection of her personality.  I enjoyed scanning her work studio with my camera lens, as it would always catch a vibrant piece of art or yard of fabric waiting to become one.  I had seen a few of her quilt pieces prior to this film project, but seeing all of the art she has produced over the years had me in awe.   

Reconnecting with a friend through the creative process and developing a story line together was a wonderful experience. 

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