I am currently living in Burlington, Vermont and fortunate to be surrounded by the Green Mountain National Forest.   I am passionate about the mountains and live my life through climbing, mountain biking, trail running and backcountry skiing.   

My love of photography began as a way to document my adventures to share with my friends and family.  When I would have intense experiences in the mountains, I used photography as a way to hold on to those moments.  I wanted my images to capture the emotions I felt during those times.  This led to immersing myself in photography and traveling not only into the mountains, but into all landscapes with the sole purpose of creating images that could be felt as well as seen.

I also have experience incorporating subjects in my landscapes and provide adventure photography services.  Contact me if you'd like to document your time in the mountains in images that you can look back and reflect on for many years to come.  Investment starts at $350 for a half-day photography session.  Thank you for visiting my website!

Please send me a message at or fill out the form below with any inquires.

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