1. Amy & Matt

    Date 18 Jun 2017
    It was a treat to photograph Amy and Matt’s wedding on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. The ceremony was filled with laughs and touching moments.  The weather brought beautiful clouds and the sun seemed to peek out at the perfect times.  The couple had some great ideas for photographs…

  2. Land of Fire and Ice

    Date 26 Apr 2017
    It’s no secret, Iceland is a photographer’s dream. I spent a week traveling from Reykjavik to Jökulsárlón and back in a converted SUV/camper this past March.  Being able to sleep in my car gave me the freedom to be almost anywhere I wanted during the early and late hours of the…

  3. Skiing and Sailing in Iceland’s Westfjords

    Date 28 Mar 2017
    “I’m going to ski ahead a bit and scope out the decent.” Emilie said before she took off for the edge.  We were standing in the vast winter landscape that made up the Hornstrandir Nature Preserve in the Westfjords of Iceland, a mere 2 miles south of the Arctic Circle.  Even with…

  4. Photographs of 2016

    Date 17 Jan 2017
    I had some great photography sessions this year and I wanted to thank all my clients for entrusting their 2016 memories with me.  Here are my favorite photographs from this past year.  I wish everyone a happy new year!

  5. Mountain Bike-Packing in Oregon

    Date 28 Sep 2016
    In late August/early September, I traveled with a friend to Central Oregon for two weeks of mountain bike-packing. Mountain biking was my first real passion.  When I was a kid, I would build trails through the woods in my backyard, grab my Huffy and ride them back and forth all day.  In…

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